Tucker Signature Films “voted best in Hollywood” Beverly Hills

    Sometime after World War One, a band of   

  brothers had a creative idea for surviving the

Great Depression — they would build a town. Set in the rich farmland of Southern Illinois, their first commercial structure housed a simple restaurant and bus station, with three fuel pumps in front.

Picture “The Waltons,” and you have the idea.

Today Tuckerville is a faded memory, but it stands as a tribute to our family’s desire to

serve the community. After our dad got his

hands on an 8mm camcorder in 1968,

the Tucker focus shifted from filling

dreamy towns with people to fulfilling

peoples’ dreams through movies,

and TSF was born.

Tucker Signature Films has grown

into Southern California's first choice

for multi-camera, high-definition filming.

Our generation brings a progressive,

cool flavor to everything we do, but we

still hold to our ancestors’ work ethic and

values from a century ago.

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